On the slopes connecting the peak of the Marão mountain to the river Douro, marked by “mightily dug” valleys with winding water courses, such as those of the Ovil, Valadares, Zêzere and Teixeira, lies one of the greenest counties of the region...


The gastronomy of Baião is so special that some say that the writer Eça de Queiroz did not only fall in love with the landscape of this land, but also with the flavours of its traditional dishes when he wrote “The City and the Mountains”, in which he makes reference to the magnificent broad bean rice...


The oldest occupation of this territory was in the central plateaus of the mountains of Aboboreira and the castle and date back to recent pre-historic times, which cover a long chronological period of four thousand years (5th to the 1st Millennium B.C.)...


The county of Baião exhibits a richness of heritage values, striking panoramas, customs and traditions that enhance and make this region of the country unique.

esta zona do país.


In this territory of mountains and rivers - ripping the skies - a land of water, life, sculptured into schist and granite, covered by the green of the forest, we walk through shades and haze, uncovering the mysteries hidden in the imagination of its people.


There is a place, which incites us to embark on an adventure, with sites that inspire us, where the breeze becomes an ally, emotions come true and reality is transformed into sensations. There is a place where we can be ourselves and dared...

2017 December

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